Seattle Weekender: Country Western eye candy, a very furry 5K, and power tool drag races

Crosscut's guide to a culturally enriching weekend in the city. Or at least some fun.
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Montgomery Clift eyes something intently

Crosscut's guide to a culturally enriching weekend in the city. Or at least some fun.

The Films of Montgomery Clift

The not always so sensitive John Wayne might have had more to gripe about on the set of Red River (1948) than just politics. The film’s young, intensely handsome co-star was newcomer Montgomery Clift, whose political views were in direct contrast with the Duke’s. But more troubling for Clift was the fact that he was a closeted homosexual, an orientation for which he would be racked with guilt his entire life. Despite the political tensions on set, Red River managed to be, and is to this day, one of the finest Westerns ever made.

The Seattle Art Museum celebrates gay pride month this June with three films starring that Adonis of young rebelliousness. The first screening is the cattle-driving epic Red River. Clift plays Matt Garth, the adoptive son of Thomas Dunson (Wayne), who turns against his tyrannical pappy and redirects a cattle heard to Kansas. Wayne never played a character that suffered humiliation or defeat lightly, so naturally he pursues, until the film climaxes in the best old-timey, white-knuckle fistfight ever filmed.

If You Go: Seattle Art Museum, 1400 East Prospect Street, June 8-10, 7:30-10 p.m., $20-$23.


Furry 5K

You can pretty much find a 5k every weekend this time of year, but the Seattle Animal Shelter's Furry 5k is the only one that awards medals to canine as well as human participants. All proceeds from this annual Seward Park run benefit the Help the Animals Fund, which provides shelter animals with veterinary care and supplies and supports education, foster care, and volunteer programs. Each year the Seattle Animal Shelter connects roughly 2,700 animals to new homes, and reunites 900 others with their families.

To avoid seeing any fur fly, animals other than dogs are not invited to attend, although the proceeds benefit all shelter critters—from the longest python to the squeakiest guinea pig. Visit with animal-related businesses and non-profits before and after the run, watch local dogs perform “silly pet tricks" and enjoy the Furry 5k runner’s high, which is guaranteed to be greater than the typical exhilaration of running with the pack, because you’re also running for them.

If you go: Furry 5k, Seward Park, Sunday, June 10, registration starting at 8:15 a.m., run at 10 a.m., early registration $25 with t-shirt, $20 without, day-of registration $30.


NW Pinball and Arcade Show

Pinball is an easy game to understand: Don’t let the ball fall between the flippers. But that relatively simple strategy often proves to be exceedingly difficult  when you’re distracted by all the functioning gadgets inside the glass case.

The Seattle Center’s NW Pinball and Arcade Show features over 300 pinball and arcade games all set to free play. The weekend-long event includes talks from pinball and arcade designers, manufacturers, and world record holders. Giveaways will include a full-size pinball machine and an arcade game. One or the other should assure hours and hours of hedonistically wasted time.

If You Go: Seattle Center/Northwest Rooms, 305 Harrison Street, June 8-10, hours range, tickets available at the door, $10-$50.


Seattle Coffee Crawl

You'll have to pull yourself out of bed on a Sunday for this one. The good news is, the coffee is included. The crawl meets under the neon coffee cup at Seattle’s Best Coffee in Pike Place. From there you’ll continue along to a suite of local cafes, where you'll sample different blends and learn why this city is so coffee obsessed.

The event serves up more than just java; along the way you will be exposed to factoids about local architecture, coffee history, and culture. 

If You Go: Coffee Crawl, 1530 Post Alley, June 10, 10 a.m.-12 p.m., $25-$30.


Hazardfactory Power Tool Drag Race

Racing power tools sounds like an excellent way to shed some blood or deprive yourself of a few fingers. But racing sharp, quickly rotating pieces of metal is exactly what’s on the docket in Georgetown this Saturday.

It’s not too late to build a racer and enter: A quick trip to a thrift store and $20 will fuel your power tool racer and simplistic designs (handheld power tool, wheels, and chassis) have been the big winners in the past. Spectators are welcome and, as everybody knows, the best parts of any race are the crashes, especially those that end in mangled pieces of household utility items.

If You Go: Seattle Power Tool, 5813 Airport Way S, June 9, 2-7 p.m.


Capitol Hill Trivia Tour

Someone, somewhere is boning up on arcane facts in an attempt to take first place at the Capitol Hill Trivia Tour, which will include five rounds of trivia at three different pubs. After each shellacking of questions, you’ll move onto the next bar under the auspices of the trivia guide to test your sobriety against linear equations and string theory. Hopefully, questions will get simpler as tour members get tipsier.

Of course, like all trivia, there is bound to be that one group that demolishes everyone, leaving all the other competitors feeling forlorn and a little less smart. Since there can only be one winning team, we'd recommend you start re-watching those Jeopardy episodes saved up on your DVR. 

If You Go: Capitol Hill Trivia Tour, 500 Broadway E (next to All Pilgrim’s Church), June 9, 3-6 p.m., $12.


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