Obama's Victory: So much blame to go around!

The liberal won. Let the name-calling and finger-pointing begin!
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The liberal won. Let the name-calling and finger-pointing begin!

After a Seahawks victory, I always check the hometown paper of their opponents to see the reaction — some of my most entertaining reading this season has been found in the newspapers in Green Bay or Minnesota. It's often quite entertaining and illuminating. Various theories are put forth to explain the defeat. Rarely are the Seahawks credited with on-field brilliance; more often the analysis focuses on the failures of the losers, or the dynamics that set up a drubbing — the refs, the coaches, the owners, the NFL, the weather.

So it is with presidential politics. Theories abound about Obama's victory, from the folks that have spent time in the losing locker room.

Unsurprisingly, the media is getting the blame. Over at Fox News, one commentator makes the case that mainstream media stole the election by taking "historical bias to new levels this year, and saved Obama’s presidency in the process." Rich Noyes outlines five ways the media "tipped the scales" to Obama: too much reporting of Romney gaffes, pounding Romney with fact-checking, biased debate moderators — yes, it was Candy Crowley's fault! — a "Benghazi Blackout" and ignoring a bad economy.

That's right, the media hasn't harped on economic negativity during the, what are we calling it, The Great Recession. And how dare the media focus on Romney's misuse of 'facts.' Or his handcrafting of new facts, such as Jeep moving to China.

Rush Limbaugh also blames the media. He's said that the networks conspired with Hurricane Sandy to steal the limelight, then ignored the storm's suffering victims. Sandy wasn't an Act of God, but rather an Act of CNN.

Even master Machiavellian Karl Rove went down fighting his chief ally,   Fox News  , by taking them to task on-air for calling Ohio for Obama. Yes, those liberal bastards at Fox have rigged the game, or were simply ignoring the reality of a looming Romney win. Wow. That Rove performance was an outstanding example of biting the media hand that feeds you.

Donald Trump leaps in
to re-enact the great Citizen Kane scene. You remember, when publisher Murdoch . . . I mean Kane . . . has two front pages printed up for election day: "Kane Wins" or "Fraud at Polls." Trump, having backed the loser (that's a direct hit to The Donald's brand), claims that the election is a "sham and a travesty" and calls for "revolution." This guy is all pitchfork, but no followers.

NBC's political analyst Chuck Todd described Obama's victory as a "demographic shellacking" of the Republicans, but the chief spokesperson for the shellacked and well-preserved older America is not going down without a grumpy complaint. Fox's Bill O'Reilly observes that the days of the white man are over in this country. Obama wins because "It’s not a traditional America anymore."

Unless your traditional America is actually the Confederacy. Obama did make an inroad or two, but the white males of the solid South went against him, with the kind of fervor that used to be reserved for presidential candidates like Strom Thurmond and George Wallace.

The resounding right-wing echo chamber simply couldn't conceive of an Obama victory, especially one predicted based on "math" and "science," which I suppose shouldn't be a surprise for a party eager to rule by the Bible and re-litigate the Scope Monkey Trial, and who were eager to tar and feather Nate Silver for his arithmetic.

Sarah Palin was at least honest in popping out of her Wasilla compound to announce that Obama's victory was "perplexing." Reality often is.

Perhaps the best sour grapes explanation for the victory was that Obama won by losing his innocence and becoming what he hates. In short, a Republican operative. Not just any operative, but Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove. In fact, Obama has out-Roved Rove.

In the Washington Examiner, you find this: "[I]n a larger sense, Obama did not win an ideological victory yesterday. He did not get reelected in a landslide like Ronald Reagan in 1984. Instead, he scored an Electoral College victory and what looks like a narrow popular vote win by employing the same sort of tactics he once decried. Karl Rove may be a big loser tonight, but his brand of politics is here to stay."

That's one of those observations that's just designed to make you feel bad that your team won.

This morning, it ain't working.

Go SeaObamaHawks!


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