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Greg Shaw writes to Crosscut advertisers and sponsors about special offers in 2013.
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Greg Shaw, Crosscut's new publisher/CEO

Greg Shaw writes to Crosscut advertisers and sponsors about special offers in 2013.

Welcome to Crosscut, and thanks for considering an ad or sponsorship.

I am the new publisher and CEO of Crosscut Public Media, which produces the daily news magazine  I wanted to make you aware of special offers we are making to advertisers and sponsors in 2013.

By way of background, I began my career as a news reporter, and am excited to return to journalism, a profession that is critically important in our community.  For the past 20 years I have led marketing, communications and advocacy at Microsoft, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and my own firm, which represented Nike, Dell, Polo Ralph Lauren, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and other well-known brands.  Over these years in marketing, I always valued the role of the news – daily journalism – as a vital role in engaging consumers.

Our current unique monthly visitors total about 85,000 readers, and we are now growing at a rate of 15 percent per month.  The largest concentrations of our readers are in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and Olympia.  Spokane and Portland also have large readership.

Some refer to Crosscut News as our region’s answer to The New Yorker, that is to say an eclectic collection of longer essays and news reporting on timely issues in politics, culture, education, the environment and business.  We are bi-partisan.  Our readership is among the most influential in the Pacific Northwest.  When surveyed, 99 percent of our readers said they voted in the last election and 72 percent have been a Puget Sound resident for 20 years or more.  Our funders include leaders like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Seattle Foundation, Knight Foundation, Steve and Connie Ballmer, John Stanton and Terry Gillespie, Tom and Judy Alberg, Jerry Grinstein, Bill Ruckleshaus, Paul Brainerd, Chuck Sitkin, Mike Vaska and Patty Stonesifer and Michael Kinsley.

In Crosscut’s first five years, our focus was on creating a strong news writing organization.  Today, our team is working to build the partnerships we need in order to continue to scale our editorial department and build awareness for our product.  I want to make you aware of several ways that your organization might reach your target audience while also supporting public media in our community.

Sign an annual contract with Crosscut News and we will throw in a special bonus, such as one month free of our banner ad for the daily morning newsletter. Here are several contract opportunities:

Morning News Briefing – Each morning at 7 am, Crosscut News arrives in the inbox of busy professionals throughout our region. This newsletter has become, for many, their daily executive news summary.  The banner ad at the top of our daily newsletter reaches nearly 5,000 of the most influential leaders in the community.

The Daily Troll – Similarly, each afternoon by 4 pm executives check back with Crosscut to read our daily summary of the day’s news in our region.

News Clicker – Throughout the day, our editors are scanning local, regional, national and international headlines to update our “News Clicker” with the most interesting and relevant news. Readers are checking Clicker throughout the day.

Two Minutes with Thiel – Art Thiel is among the most respected sports writers in the Pacific Northwest. Twice a week he records exclusively for Crosscut News, “Two Minutes with Thiel,” a short video message that amplifies his latest column.

News Topic Areas Crosscut News’ coverage of topic areas like our Olympia political coverage, health, regional politics, the environment, transportation, sports and public affairs often set the agenda or contradict conventional wisdom in a way that breaks through the clutter.

Roadblocks – Have you considered taking all of our ad space for a day or two in order to really drive home a message with our readers?

Signature Site banner – Our “leader board” ad places you and your message above everything else.

Crosscut Conversations -- Crosscut hosts member and public events throughout the year, which presents a unique opportunity for sponsors.  These events include editorial breakfasts, writer/editor gatherings with our nearly 1,000 members and other convenings

Please take a moment to consider these opportunities and give us a call at 206-382-6137.  Terri Hiroshima, our director of marketing and external relations, and I would enjoy hearing from you.  We also would welcome an opportunity to stop by your office to discuss Crosscut News with you.

Greg Shaw



Terri Hiroshima

Director of Marketing and External Relations


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Greg Shaw

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