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Help today ensure availability of regional news, views -- no paywalls, accessible to all. Goal: 412 new or renewing members by 4/12.
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Help today ensure availability of regional news, views -- no paywalls, accessible to all. Goal: 412 new or renewing members by 4/12.

Marilyn Hoe, Crosscut’s long-time membership coordinator, often refers to our supporters as “Crosscutters.” The name has stuck with me, and I got to thinking about what the word "crosscutter" means.

In woodworking, a “crosscutter” is someone who cuts across the main grain or axis of wood. In the diamond industry, it is someone who grinds and polishes facets of the gem. In film, it’s a technique that interweaves two separate scenes into the same frame.

In the Pacific Northwest, a Crosscutter increasingly is a part of a growing crowd of readers who demand journalism that cuts to the center, grinds, polishes and weaves together in order to illuminate issues and solutions. Crosscutters value the impact of quality, independent journalism in our region’s dialogue and decisions.

You are among the 140,000 or so who read Crosscut regularly. Now we need you to become a member.

Today, is the first day of Crosscut's spring membership drive.  I’m asking you to take action by starting or reactivating your Crosscut membership. It’s not just me that needs you to act. Your fellow Crosscut readers need you to act. Our entire community, state and region need you to act. They need you to become a Crosscutter right now.

Crosscut members make quality, nonpartisan journalism possible in a time when it’s in short supply. Crosscutters have created an online platform for civil discourse that our region needs.

Your support helps to keep the content free for the public. No paywalls. No meters. No restrictions. Just our reporting, analysis and commentary - accessible to all.

As a Crosscutter, you’re not just supporting access to deeper regional news and views for yourself. You’re also investing in the grand experiment of journalism in the digital age – one that could help shape the future of independent media in our region and in our country. Unlike some public media, Crosscut receives no government funding. It’s Crosscutters who make it happen.

You’ll make the Pacific Northwest a more informed, better home for us all. Join our growing ranks and become a 2013 Crosscutter today.


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