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Time is running out for meeting our fall membership goal.
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35 percent of teens who "age out" of the system wind up on the streets.

Time is running out for meeting our fall membership goal.

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The stories of our region’s politicians, political institutions and their decisions influence every one of us, whether we are passionate about teachers, roads, or regional economics. Northwest issues sway our Northwest lives, and no one covers regional policy and politics with the journalistic depth and quality of Crosscut News. 

We can all find plenty to read regarding Anthony Weiner’s tweets, Miley Cyrus’ fall, Diana Nyad's swim and Dennis Rodman's visit to North Korea. These celebrities all have become front-page stories, even in our local papers. But, they aren’t locals. 

Your membership supports Crosscut's ability to tell the story of our people, our leaders. Crosscut elevates the profile of critical policy decisions and those who are affected by them. The stories of the families living on the margin struggling to keep their children housed and fed, or the teen that has bounced around the foster care system for years; or the teen that has been adopted by their loving foster family.

Without your financial support, those stories don’t get told. We need Crosscut coverage to truly understand the issues and implications of decisions being made by people in institutions seemingly far away from us. Crosscut’s writing on policy and politics is coverage of changes in our communities that affect all of us.

Crosscut’s stories are our stories.

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