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Forterra celebrates people and place, PNB snatches top NYC choreography talent and Seattle's music scene throws us back a few years with Citizen Cope & Tegan and Sarah.
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Mara Vinson and Batkhurel Bold in "Rassemblement," part of PNB's "Director's Choice" program this weekend.

Forterra celebrates people and place, PNB snatches top NYC choreography talent and Seattle's music scene throws us back a few years with Citizen Cope & Tegan and Sarah.

* Denotes events that are $15 or less

Ampersand Goes Totally Live *

Full disclosure here: I’m producing this event. But even if I weren’t, I’d still flag it as something for your calendar because it aspires to be a creative, stimulating and memorable evening affair. Forterra, the non-profit previously known as Cascade Land Conservancy, celebrates People & Place with a whole host of thinkers and doers including bird photographer Paul Bannick, NPR storytellers BirdNote, urban bike designers TEAGUE, mountain guide Martin Volken, Crosscut’s Knute Berger, The Stranger’s Charles Mudede, a trio of Garfield High school fiddlers called The Onlies, visual artist Terra Holcomb (who makes fashion out of found natural objects) and rappers Prometheus Brown (The Blue Scholars) and Thig Nat (The Physics). Why rappers? Because these guys hike and they’re slated to show off their photography and talk about their connection to the outdoors. See what I mean? This evening=fun!

If you go: Ampersand Goes Totally Live, Town Hall, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 6 ($8). — F.D.

CitizenFour *

If you, like me, didn’t follow the Edward Snowden-NSA leak scandal of 2013 nearly as closely as you could have, now is the time to get caught up. Called a whistleblower, a traitor, a hero and a patriot, Snowden flew to Hong Kong in early 2013 where he met with journalist Glenn Greenwald and documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras. "CitizenFour", which came out of that meeting, is sure to make waves. However you view Snowden’s actions, this documentary deals with vital concerns to Americans and humanity: security vs. privacy, morality vs. justice and what separates a traitor from a hero.

If you go: CitizenFour, SIFF Cinema Uptown, now through Nov. 13. ($12) — N.C.

Pacific Northwest Ballet’s “Director’s Choice”

For those of us who crave classically-trained dancers breaking the ballet mold, the annual “Director’s Choice” program is a much anticipated feast of physical, dynamic movement. It’s the annual rep that I look the most forward to because it often showcases some of the hottest choreographers around. So it always feels fresh and I’m often amped up leaving McCaw Hall in a way that doesn’t always happen after a full-length ballet.

The program features ballets by choreographers Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, David Dawson, Nacho Duato and Justin Peck. Peck is the 26-year-old rising dancer-choreographer from New York City Ballet, the guy who scores a lot of buzz because he’s on a huge artistic roll and is premiering work all over the country. But lucky for us, PNB’s Peter Boal snatched him up to create something for Seattle. It’s called “Debonair” and it’ll be unveiled this weekend and next.

If you go: Pacific Northwest Ballet’s “Director’s Choice,” McCaw Hall, Nov. 7 through Nov. 16. (Tickets start at $28). — F.D.

Citizen Cope

It’s incredible that ten years have passed since the release of Citizen Cope’s soul-melting sophomore album, “The Clarence Greenwood Recordings.” Clarence Greenwood is Citizen Cope’s given name, and his use of it in the album title makes it clear at a glance that the record is deeply personal. The standout track is “Sideways,” which fully captures the tenor of Greenwood’s tone across the LP. In the chorus he sings, “Cause diamonds they fade / and flowers they bloom / and I’m telling you / that these feelings won’t go away / they’ve been knocking me sideways / they’ve been knocking me out / whenever you come around.” His delivery is a mix of soul, R&B and almost Delta-style folk blues (acoustic guitar is a prominent fixture in the texture of his sound.)

This week Citizen Cope plays the Showbox Market twice, each time performing “The Clarence Greenwood Recordings” in its entirety.

If you go: Citizen Cope, Showbox Market, Nov. 7. ($36). All ages. — J.S.H.

Ravenna Third Place Books Sale *

There are a lot of reasons to love this Ravenna gem: The way it blends perfectly into its surrounding neighborhood; the cozy, wood-adorned Hobbit hole of a pub downstairs; the Vios café with delectable Greek food upstairs; its worn-soft wood floors, perfect for meandering. And, of course, its excellent selection of new and used books, ingeniously stocked right next to each other and thoughtfully split up into impeccable subsections.

At this point, the near-majority of my books (and cookbooks) have been acquired at this semi-annual sale, where all used books are 40 percent off. Take some time to drop by and support this unrivaled local business — and do yourself a favor by coupling it with brunch or a drink. Whatever you do, get the tapenades.

NOTE: this sale will also be happening at Ravenna Third Place's papa store, Third Place (in Lake Forest Park)

If you go: Third Place Used Books Sale, Ravenna Third Place Books and Third Place Books, Nov 8 and 9. All Ages — N.C.

Frankie Rose *

Frankie Rose is a modern day garage rock goddess. Lately, she’s been garnering the press’ attention with her project Dum Dum Girls, which released an excellent, upbeat-yet-surreal LP called “End of Daze.” Last year, the group signed to Sub Pop, which is an obvious signal that they have something special. Rose was also part of Crystal Stilts. This week, in the intimate Barboza basement, Rose is performing solo, or at least without the accompaniment of her usual musical associates. This is a somewhat rare opportunity to see a revered frontwoman play a different suite of music than usual.

If you go: Frankie Rose, Barboza, Nov. 8. ($12). All ages. — J.S.H.

Poetry on Buses Launch Party *

Originally launched in 1992, Poetry on Buses, a partnership between 4Culture and Metro Transit, is a celebration of the common space of the bus, and the utilization of that space for art. The new incarnation of this program will be mostly taking place on the RapidRide buses, with temporary and digital artworks sharing poetry for 365 days, and hopefully beyond. The Launch Party will feature 36 poetry readings in English, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese as well as the story behind this inspiring project. Regardless of whether or not you can make it to the Launch Party, look for an enhanced bus riding experience.

If you go: Poetry on Buses Launch Party, The Moore Theatre, 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 10, All Ages (Free) — N.C.

Tegan and Sarah

Tegan and Sarah played a role in my musical knowledge not unlike canaries used to in mines: they alerted me of an imminent, sweeping change. I’d seen them once at Sasquatch, and then saw them there again a few years later. The second time, they had a smoother, more poppy sound, courtesy of a new keyboard player. Since that time, keys and synth sounds have begun to permeate alternative and indie rock like never before. Tegan and Sarah, who are twin sisters, are easily compared to Weezer, at least conceptually. They’re poignant, poppy indie rock with more hooks than the tacklebox on an industrial fishing rig. These days, a good chunk of their newer music has an electronic club feel to it as well.

If you go: Tegan and Sarah, Paramount Theatre, Nov. 11. ($31.25). All ages. — J.S.H.

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