Calling all civic nerds: Crosscut needs you

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Are you the next Civic Ambassador?

When you think about an ambassador, what’s the first thing that’s comes to mind? Is it a diplomat in a foreign country? Or Jared Fogle, Subway’s weight-loss success story? By definition, both are correct. An ambassador is a person that represents or promotes a specific activity, whether that’s your country, your university, or a sandwich company.

This year, for the first time, we’re recruiting Crosscut Civic Ambassadors. We’re looking for an A-Team of civic nerds, thirsty for knowledge and passionate about civic engagement. Civic engagement means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.

And community means many things these days. It’s more than just your physical location or cultural background. You have an information community too. Crosscut does its part by providing facts, analysis and unique events to keep readers informed and engaged in civic discourse on politics, culture and technology.

But we need to extend the conversation, and we need to strive for a better understanding of what’s happening around us. We need to break through. And, as Uncle Sam once said, We Want You!

Crosscut Civic Ambassadors will embody the Crosscut mission: an informed public is essential if we are to find good solutions to the civic and political challenges of our time.

We’re opening up the application process to anyone and everyone, every walk of life and background. We want representatives from all regional geographies, Eastsiders, Westsiders, from all cultures, religions, and political points of view. If you have listening, talking, typing, even selfie skills—yes, we want it all.

We’ll have somewhere around 10 super-volunteers who will serve an annual term. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to increase awareness of Crosscut, of civic issues and to help us understand more about your community.

This role is not without its duties. Commitments will include listening and talking to encourage civic discourse. Talking to friends, talking to family, talking to journalists, talking to co-workers, talking to elected officials and business leaders. Repping Crosscut at events and writing, tweeting, booking, and gramming content.

What’s in it for you? Perks, you ask? Well,

• Crosscut will feature an Ambassadors page with headshots and information about each fantastic and unique member.

• All ambassadors will have exclusive access to all Crosscut events including Community Idea Labs and Civic Cocktails.

• They will also have access to the Crosscut family, including board members, to learn about their perspectives on current events and to get a pulse on what’s coming up in Crosscut.

• And, of course, some special Ambassador swag.

So the question is - are you our people? Are you ready for the A-Team? Then fill out an application and let us know why.


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Jen Rash

Jen Rash

Jen Rash supports Crosscut’s first ever Civic Ambassadors program. She is a Senior Account Manager at PRR, an award-winning, Seattle-based communications firm recognized for its expertise in social marketing, public involvement, and community building in transportation, development, environment and health sectors. She currently leads marketing and public outreach efforts for clients that include the Washington and Oregon Departments of Transportation, Skanska USA, the City of Seattle, City of Shoreline and Kinzer Real Estate Services.