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Awaiting Crosscut's next Editor in chief . . .

First rule of journalism: Don’t bury the lede. I am leaving Crosscut at the end of June to write a book.

Very excited about the book – very excited about the future of Crosscut.

My successor will inherit a new site design, talented new editor Drew Atkins, who’s already jamming on tech and science coverage; City Hall reporter David Kroman; social media savant Cambria Roth; and a seasoned crew that stars political editor Joe Copeland, our man in Olympia John Stang, woman of the arts Florangela Davila and the ever wise and versatile Mossback columnist, Knute Berger. (Did I mention a stable of thoroughbred freelance contributors?) It’s a fine, fine team.

The next Editor in chief will also inherit something very rare in journalism, in any profession really. And that is possibility. Crosscut is a small, nimble enterprise, committed to telling the stories that need to be told, highlighting the things we should be talking about — and going about it in ways that flout convention.

People have asked me what I most hope my successor will be. Bold. I hope they will be bold. (If you're feeling bold, the job description is here. Just send your resume and a cover letter to editorjob@crosscut.com.)

Thank you to Crosscut’s dedicated staff and board, to our talented and generous pool of freelancers, and to our extended family of donors, members and readers. We write for you.

One last thing: Please keep supporting Crosscut. As journalists, we don’t cure the sick or feed the hungry or comfort the dying or rescue baby seals. We tell their stories. We tell our stories. And those stories will outlive us all.

It's been a privilege — and a blast — bringing them to you these last two-and-a-half years. As they say in Jersey, "see yous later."


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Mary Bruno

Mary Bruno

Mary was Crosscut's Editor-in-Chief and Interim Publisher. In more than 25 years as a journalist, she has worked as a writer, editor and editorial director for a variety of print and web publications, including Newsweek, Seattle Weekly and ABCNEWS.com. Her book, An American River, is an environmental memoir about growing up along New Jersey's Passaic.