Podcast: Tony Angell's "House of Owls"

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Author, artist, owl whisperer Tony Angell.

Owls have captivated us for thousands of years, appearing in our art, informing our environmental understanding and living in our forests (even if we rarely see them). Local artist, author and naturalist Tony Angell has lived closely with owls for more than 20 years. A Western Screech Owl even presided at his wedding. Hear that story, and learn more about the owls in our midst as host Katy Sewall talk with Tony Angell about his new book The House of Owls.

As an author and illustrator, Angell has a special spot for birds. His other books include Ravens, Crows, Magpies and Jays (1978), In the Company of Crows and Ravens (2007) and Gifts of the Crow (2013). He collaborated on the last two titles with John Marzluff, Professor of Wildlife Science at the University of Washington.

Ravens' Wall by Tony Angell

He is also an award-winning — and self-taught — artist. The Seattle Times described a 2011 show of his sculptures this way: "Whether carved in stone skimming over the waves, as a flight of shorebirds is, or sinuously poised, in his rendition of an otter, the animals that enliven this show are imbued with Angell's compassion for their struggle for survival — and admiration for their mastery of the skies, the waters, this place we share in Puget Sound."



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Podcast: Tony Angell's "House of Owls"