12 reasons the Seahawks are the world's most interesting team

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As the Seahawks open their NFL preseason Friday night at the Clink against the Denver Broncos, it occurs that after five seasons under coach Pete Carroll, Seattle has the World’s Most Interesting Team.

Why? Because the Seahawks:

1. Chuckled as Marshawn Lynch bought everyone on the team Gucci ski goggles, even though none of them are allowed to ski.

2. Watched agape as their field leader, QB Russell Wilson, told a preacher in front of a congregation and a video camera that he and girlfriend Ciara weren't having sex yet, but asked everyone to "pray for them."

3. Listened worriedly as Richard Sherman told an audience in Victoria, B.C., that "half the NFL is on Adderall."

4. Dumbfounded the NFL by having Kam Chancellor jump over the offensive line in an attempt to block a field goal…two times in a row.

5. Howled as they listened to Earl Thomas, the man of a thousand simultaneous thoughts but only a single mouth, explain why he was late to the press conference at the team's Renton facility announcing his huge contract extension: "I don't like distractions. Like today, being late to this meeting. I was like, 'Come on, family, let's go!' I got pulled over by the police. I didn't try to bulldog him and say, 'My name is Earl Thomas.' Because he'd be like, 'Man, this guy is cocky,' and give me a ticket. He let me off. That's the moral of the story."

6. Became only the second team in NFL history to enter the playoffs with a losing record (7-9), then beat the defending champion New Orleans Saints.

7. Blushed but did not stop Lynch from grabbing his junk as he flopped backward into the end zone.

8. Went for it late in the NFC Championship on fourth-and-seven at the 49ers 35-yard line and passed for the game-winning touchdown.

9. Smiled when DE Michael Bennett said at Super Bowl media day that his wife had the best butt in the world.

10. Threw away their most heavily invested player, WR Percy Harvin, in the middle of the season and still made the Super Bowl.

11. Played their crappiest first 55 minutes in any game of the 2014 season, then beat Green Bay in the NFC Championship.

12. Infuriated the NFL when an impudent Lynch drew a crowd of literally hundreds of reporters at Super Bowl media day in Phoenix to his podium to hear him say, over and over again, "I'm just here so I won't get fined," while at the same time opening a pop-up store in a Scottsdale, Ariz., mall to introduce his anti-hero line of "Beast Mode" clothing. It reportedly sold out its inventory within two hours.

Bonus No. 13. But finally, while the oddball stories are legion, what sealed the designation for me was the most significant single play in the history of the Super Bowl, and maybe in all of sports. At the apex moment, the best team in the NFL the past three seasons, blew it.

That is why the Seattle Seahawks are the World's Most Interesting Team. Epic success. Epic failure. Potentially epic redemption.

Sure, they can slam a revolving door and parallel-park a train, like the Dos Equis guy. But can they slash through four fake games, 16 real hard ones, plus playoffs and get back to the Super Bowl to find The Lost Yard?

Who knows? But anyone who cares about sports, and the psychology of redemption, will not take their eyes off this team.

Bright. Reckless. Contrarian. Funny. Puzzling. Edgy. O-damn-riginal.

The 12s may not be over the agony yet, but fans of good literature know a compelling protagonist when they see one.

I get why Carroll told Sports Illustrated recently, "I'm thrilled for this." Hey, he said much the same thing three days after the Super Bowl when Matt Lauer launched himself out of "The Today Show" studio in New York to Seattle in order to get the exclusive national TV interview. Carroll, who said, "I'm built for this," then grudgingly admitted to the pesky Lauer that in that agonizing night...he cried.

Did I mention cornball, too? The Seahawks begin defense of their MITW title Sept. 13, but the Twelves may wish to begin training Friday night for staying thirsty for more preposterous drama.


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