This is what life would look like without Crosscut

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Take a moment, dear reader, and imagine life without Crosscut.

No in-depth coverage of City Hall or the State House. No Mossback reminding us all about our region’s roots. No incisive stories and commentary about where we’re headed from here.

Our news options reduced to a handful of flagging print publications and snarky blogs, we would while away our hours watching cat videos just to keep our spirits up.

Cat videos? No! Snap out of it! We can’t let that happen!

Crosscut, as you know, is a nonprofit, which means that, to continue to bring you the stories and perspectives you’ve come to rely on over the past eight years, we need your support.

Last Friday was supposed to be the last day of our fall membership campaign, but we didn’t quite make our goal. So far, generous readers have pitched in $36,000. To keep this place running, we need to get to $50,000.

To raise that last $14,000, we’re extending our membership drive through tomorrow, October 13.

So, good news! You have another chance to show your support for strong, civic-minded journalism. You have another chance to help build a society here in the Northwest where we have the tough conversations about what we do well, what we could do better, and how we build a more just and sustainable future.

Please, friend, take a moment and make a contribution to Crosscut’s fall member drive. A healthy democracy cannot live on cat videos alone.


Greg and the whole crew at Crosscut

P.S. While cat videos do not make the world go round, they are pretty funny. So, as a reward for your generous contribution to Crosscut, you can watch the videos in the image at the top of he page here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. You're welcome -- and thank you for your support!


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Greg Hanscom

Greg Hanscom is formerly the executive editor of Crosscut and KCTS 9 public television.