Updated: 2015 election results for Seattle, King County and Washington state

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Updated at 8:00 p.m. Thursday

Here are the current 2015 general election results for Seattle, King County and Washington state, along with links to background info on each race. Check back for updates and final results as they come in -- and find all of Crosscut's election coverage and and analysis here.

Note: All results are preliminary. We are skipping uncontested races.


City Council District No. 1  (Southwest Seattle, including West Seattle and South Park) — Lisa Herbold or Shannon Braddock

Results: Braddock 51.69%, Herbold 47.81%

Background: Tight council race exposes a divided West Seattle

City Council District No. 2 (Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, Georgetown) — Bruce Harrell or Tammy Morales

Results: Harrell 53.1%, Morales 46.75%

City Council District No. 3 (Capitol Hill, Central Area, Montlake) — Kshama Sawant or Pamela Banks

Results: Sawant 53.93%, Banks 45.81%

Background: Can Pamela Banks topple the symbol of Seattle socialism?

City Council District No. 4 (Wallingford, U-District, Points East, Eastlake) — Rob Johnson or Michael Maddux

Results: Johnson 53.52%, Maddux 46.07%

City Council District No. 5 (Lake City, Northgate, Northwest Seattle) — Debora Juarez or Sandy Brown

Results: Juarez 63.8%, Brown 35.7%

Background: Who will speak for Seattle's northern frontier?

City Council District No. 6 (Green Lake, Fremont, Ballard, Crown Hill) — Mike O'Brien or Catherine Weatbrook

Results: O'Brien 60%, Weatbrook 39.6%

Background: It's Tubs girl vs. kale guy in northwest Seattle

City Council District No. 7 (Magnolia, Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Downtown) — Sally Bagshaw or Deborah Zech Artis

Results: Bagshaw 81.1%, Artis 18.2%

Background: These Seattle candidates disagreed on everything, then drove off together

City Council Position No. 8 (citywide at-large) — Tim Burgess or Jon Grant

Results: Burgess 56.9%, Grant 42.6%

Background: Council President Tim Burgess gets a run for his money from a scruffy political outsider

City Council Position No. 9 (citywide at-large) — Lorena Gonzalez or Bill Bradburd

Results: Gonzales 77.3%, Bradburd 22.3%

Background: Seattle City Council race: 2 progressives differ on growth

City of Seattle Initiative Measure No. 122 (public financing of election vouchers)

Results: Yes 61.3%, No 38.7%

City of Seattle - Proposition No. 1 (Transportation levy)

Results: Yes 57.5%, No 42.5%


Seattle School Board Director District No. 1 — Michael Christophersen or Scott Pinkham

Results: Pinkham 67.7%, Christophersen 31.9%

Seattle School Board Director District No. 2 — Laura Obara Gramer or Rick Burke

Results: Burke 88.3%, Gramer 19.5%

Seattle School Board Director District No. 3 — Jill Geary or Lauren McGuire

Results: Geary 61%, McGuire 38.7%

Seattle School Board Director District No. 6 — Leslie Harris or Marty McLaren

Results: Harris 75.7%, McLaren 24%


King County Charter Amendment No. 1 Law Enforcement Oversight

Results: Yes 56.2%, No 43.7%

Background: What is the Office of Law Enforcement Oversight and why are we voting on it?

King County Proposition No. 1 Regular Property Tax Levy for Children, Youth, Families and Communities

Results: Yes 53.3%, No 46.7%

Background: King County seeks $392M for kids; critics ask, exactly for what?

King County Assessor — Lloyd Hara or John Wilson

Results: Wilson 56.4%, Hara 43.3%

Background: Two Seattle fixtures vie for the assessor’s office

King County Director of Elections Julie Wise or Zack Hudgins

Results: Wise 71.9%, Hudgins 27.8%

Background: King County Elections candidates disagree over department's performance

King County Council District No. 4 (Queen Anne, Ballard) — Rufe Orr or Jeanne Kohl-Welles 

Results: Kohl-Welles 84.7%, Orr 14.9%

King County Council District No. 6 (Bellevue, Kirkland, Mercer Island) Claudia Balducci or Jane Hague

Results: Balducci 59.6%, Hague 40.2%

Background: King County race heats up between Hague, Bellevue mayor


Port Commissioner Position No. 2 Courtney Gregoire or Goodspaceguy

Results: Gregoire 85.6%, Goodspaceguy 13.9%

Background: Goodspaceguy: The definitive interview with King County’s perennial candidate

Commissioner Position No. 5 — Fred Felleman or Marion Yoshino

Results: Felleman 56.8%, Yoshino 42.7%

Background: Port candidates focus on transparency


Initiative 1366: State taxes and fees (two-thirds majority for tax increases)

Results: Yes 52.9%, No 47.1%

Votes counted: 1,211,110

Background: Court keeps Tim Eyman initiative on November ballot

Initiative 1401 Penalties for trading in products from some endangered species

Results: Yes 70.2%, No 29.8%

Votes counted: 1,217,924

Background: Ballot initiative puts "extinction economy" in the crosshairs.

Advisory ballots

Advisory Vote No. 10 Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1449 regarding oil and petroleum products taxes for oil-spill response

Results: Repealed 49.9%, Maintained 50.1%

Advisory Vote No. 11 Second Substitute Senate Bill 5052 regarding the imposition of an excise tax on medical marijuana

Results: Repealed 41.8%, Maintained 58.1%

Advisory Vote No. 12 Second Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5987 regarding additional motor vehicle and special fuel taxes

Results: Repealed 65.8%, Maintained 34.2%

Advisory Vote No. 13 Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 6138 regarding repeal of a sales tax exemption on certain software manufacturers and an increase of a business and occupation tax

Results: Repealed 64.7%, Maintained 35.3%

State Representative Legislative District 30 (Federal Way and surrounding areas) — Teri Hickel or Carol Gregory

Results: Hickel 54.8%, Gregory 45.4%

Background: 30th District race poses new worries for legislative Democrats


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