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Knute Berger

I used to joke that Crosscut is the oldest online start-up in town. We’re going to be 10 next spring, but it still feels new. That’s because in the media these days, continual improvement and reinvention is a condition of survival.

That’s an odd reality for someone like me who is interested in history. My “Mossback” column is at the intersection of politics and history. I believe there’s no place better to view the dynamics of our times.

Crosscut let me invent this beat nearly a decade ago. My passion for the subject is what drives me. And your belief in and support of Crosscut is what sustains me. Each day, I fully recognize that I could not do what I do without you. Thank you.

Today, I hope you will join me in supporting Crosscut during our Fall Drive.

One thing I’ve learned: History is not about nostalgia. To clear a path for progress, we need to explore, and sometimes confront, our history.

This year, without your support for Crosscut, I couldn’t have spent months researching the untold story of the Nazis in our Northwest past. I couldn’t have dug into the history of racist place names. I couldn’t have written about the first war on bikes. I couldn’t have reflected on the nasty shift in Seattle’s politics and what it means. And I couldn’t have put these stories before a smart, engaged audience that cares for this region with the same passion I have.

Your support encourages exploration and analysis by reporters and columnists like me. I’m just one small fraction of the picture. Like you, I relish the insightful coverage of local politics by Crosscut City Reporter David Kroman, the adventures and insights of Science Correspondent Samantha Larsen, the data dives of Managing Editor Drew Atkins, and the Crosscut team’s in-depth coverage of the homelessness crisis, police reform and Sound Transit 3.

Every day,  Crosscut tells me something I didn’t know — and often something I didn’t know I needed to know! We probe, we experiment, we dig.

As our region grows, the need for media like ours — the need for perspective, insight, curiosity, and balance — is growing exponentially.

Crosscut needs your strong, ongoing financial support.

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Knute Berger

Knute Berger

Knute “Mossback” Berger is Crosscut's Editor-at-Large.