Puget Sound — say it like a local

Knute examines one of the earliest European maps of the Puget Sound region. The information for the map was gathered by George Vancouver and his crew in 1792 and published as part of a larger atlas in 1798. Mike Repass provided the map to Mossback's den. (Photo still/Eric Keto)

Puget Sound hasn't always been known as Puget Sound — and it may even have a different name in the future. With the help of an extremely old map, Knute Berger charts the history, and the Californiazation, of Seattle's salty sound... or is it a bay?

About the Authors & Contributors

Eric Keto

Eric is a video producer for Cascade Public Media.

Knute Berger

Knute Berger

Knute “Mossback” Berger is Crosscut's Editor-at-Large.