Rhymes and rants about Seattle driving

“The honk is totally normal, it is a form of communication. It's nothing out of the norm in a place like New York or L.A. or any large Third-World-country metropolis. The honk is like, 'Hey!' or 'Look over here' or 'Warning, I'm going through.' But in Seattle, the honk for many years has been like, "I hate you" or "You’re hurting my feelings.'"

In this episode of our Kuya GEO series, George "Geo" Quibuyen rhymes and rants about the quirks of driving in Seattle. From showdowns at four-way stops to broken-zipper merges to overemotional use of honking, Geo reflects on the individual driving experience and lends insights on how the city’s driving culture can move towards a more organized chaos.

Kuya: A Filipino term used as a sign of respect for an older male relative, such as a brother, cousin or family friend. 

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