How to make art? It’s elemental

Artist Susie Lee explores the creative powers of clay, light, water and glass in our four-part video series.

Clay, water, glass and light are ordinary materials that surround us. In these four videos, artist, entrepreneur and scientist Susie Lee takes a close look at each of these four materials and explains how they've inspired and embodied a whole host of creative works. 

Episode 1: Clay

Clay can be molded into many aesthetic incarnations. What’s the connection between wabi-sabi and the Pacific Northwest? How is clay sculpted and used as a metaphor for the body? These questions and more are explored. 

Episode 2: Water

From the Puget Sound to Lake Washington to the 152 average annual days of rain that falls in the Pacific Northwest — water defines this region. Lee takes a tour of some of the iconic artistic works that have utilized water.

Episode 3: Glass

Neither solid nor liquid and prone to shattering when cool, glass requires technical precision and a high degree of craft. Lee profiles local iconic glass artists and finds out what compels them to embrace the dangerous and fragile glass-making process. 

Episode 4: Light

From laser-beam installations to neon political signs, artists harness the ephemeral qualities of light to create bold statements about the natural and artificial world.

About the Authors & Contributors

Stephen Hegg

Stephen Hegg

Stephen is formerly a senior video producer at Crosscut and KCTS 9. He specialized in arts and culture.