A love letter to dance

Six Seattle artists show their love for the art form.

Falling in love with dance, like falling in love with someone, is easy. There is an effortless connection, physically and emotionally. Your senses are awakened; you feel alive.

Staying in love with dance takes grit. Choosing to pursue a lifelong relationship with dance involves the risk of physical injury, financial instability and the ups and downs inherent in a creative passion-driven career.

With these risks, what are the rewards of a relationship with dance? Why would someone commit to the art form? What drives a dancer to perform and speak through movement?

Six Seattle dance artists reflect upon these questions and share insights on dance: their obsession and their passion.

Featuring, in order of appearance: Cipher Goings (tap), Tracey Wong (waacking), Liane Aung (contemporary), Sangeeta Naidu (Bollywood) and duo David Rue and Randy Ford (contemporary).


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A love letter to dance