Art Seen: Behind the masks of Seattle's Lucha Libre wrestlers

The wrestlers of Lucha Libre Volcánica inspire audiences with high-flying athletics and mythical storytelling.

Dragón Quetzal and Halcon Negro greet each other with locked arms in their Lucha Libre battle. (Aileen Imperial/Crosscut)

High flying drama and masked fighters fighting for good or evil. ​Lucha Libre, a traditional form of wrestling from Mexico, is an athletic and theatrical feat, steeped in tradition and mythos. Go behind the scenes with the wrestlers of Seattle-based Lucha Libre Volcánica, led by owner and head coach José Luis Gómez, as they embody their masked personas to become real-life superheroes.

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Lindsay McLean

Lindsay McLean

Lindsay McLean is a former video editor at Crosscut and KCTS 9.