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The Black Arts Legacies newsletter showcases and celebrates the contributions of Black artists in Seattle, past and present.

Black Arts Legacies is a growing archive of video profiles, written accounts, portrait photography and audio stories. The project recognizes an intergenerational group of local musicians, dancers, visual artists, poets, performers and curators whose creative expressions document the complexity of being a Black artist in Seattle.

The Black Arts Legacies newsletter offers behind-the-scenes insights into the project, as well as information about related upcoming events. 

First row from left to right: Sculptor Marita Dingus, poet Quenton Baker and visual artist Esther Ervin. Second row from left to right: Visual artist Barbara Earl Thomas, musician Benjamin Hunter, singer/songwriter Tiffany Wilson and trombonist Julian Priester. Third row from left to right: Visual artist Barry Johnson, dancer/choreographer Amanda Morgan and dancer/choreographer Donald Byrd. (Meron Menghistab for Cascade PBS)



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