Crosscut has long been known for its in-depth, long-form reporting and multipart investigations into broader issues facing the Pacific Northwest – from levees in Aberdeen to affordable-housing issues in Spokane. Each published story takes a lot of behind-the-scenes beat reporting that often gets left on the cutting-room floor. 

The Crosscut newsroom has decided to start picking up those pieces by launching briefs. They’re just as the name implies. Briefs will be shorter reads that provide continuing coverage of the issues our readers are interested in – from affordable housing to Indigenous affairs to climate – as well as emergent news of the day, including breaking news from Olympia, arts events happening around town and agriculture reports.  

Our long-form content isn’t going anywhere – we will still publish daily stories that provide the same nuanced reporting that is the backbone of Crosscut. And each Wednesday we will continue to produce our long-form features alongside our weekly Crosscut Reports podcast. We just will also offer a few more brief stories each weekday afternoon, as well. 

So we’ll keep it brief. You can find the latest briefs on our homepage, or go to to find more.