Crosscut Republishing Guidelines

Cascade Public Media, including KCTS 9 and Crosscut, seeks to educate, inform and engage the communities it serves. You are welcome to republish our articles and graphics for free using the following guidelines. (Please let us know if you republish our stories, as we appreciate your interest in the stories and seek to understand the impact of our journalism.) 

Please review the following guidelines prior to republishing:


Story Republishing Guidelines

  1. Please provide us a credit, ideally in this format: "By [author’s name], Crosscut" 
  2. If you publish online, you must include the links embedded in the story, and a link to 
  3. It is ok to change the story to suit your in-house style (for example, using “Yakima, WA" instead of "Yakima"). 
  4. If you make changes that are more significant than style adjustments — such as adding a comment from a local official — you need to include a note like this: "Additional reporting by [your outlet]". 
  5. If you publish online, you must include the full article. You may edit for length only for print publication.
  6. You can publish our photos and graphics with the stories in which they originally appeared, as well as on social media for the promotion of the story. For any other uses of our photos and graphics, you must seek permission from our Legal and Editorial departments.  Republishing of third-party photos and graphics is prohibited, unless otherwise indicated.
  7. Include the following within or at the end of the article: Crosscut is a service of Cascade Public Media, a nonprofit, public media organization. Visit to support independent journalism.  
  8. If you share the story on social media, please mention @crosscut (TwitterFacebook and Instagram). 
  9. Do not sell the story. You can, however, include the story in a paid periodical publication.
  10. Do not sell ads against the story. You can, however, publish it on a page surrounded by ads you've already sold. 


Story Republishing Guidelines: Print

  1. All of the above.

  2. If republishing for print you may edit for length as long as you observe the following guidelines.

    • You include a line of text at the head of the article that reads, “This story has been edited for length by [name of editor]".

    • You prioritize editing from the bottom of the article.

    • You don’t switch the order of paragraphs.

    • You don’t cut more than 20% of the length of the article.



From time to time, Crosscut publishes stories produced by other newsrooms as part of exclusive partnerships. Stories produced by third-party partners are not available for republishing, unlike our own original Crosscut stories. For questions, email