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Adam Smith

U.S. Representative, Washington's 9th District

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Congressman Adam Smith represents the Ninth District of Washington, serving parts of King County including South Seattle, Renton, and Federal Way. Smith has served in Congress since 1996. His top priorities include creating equal economic opportunity by expanding access to high-quality education and job-training opportunities, and building stronger communities by promoting affordable housing; quality and affordable health care, including mental and behavioral health care; and gun violence prevention. As a senior member of Democratic Leadership in the House, Congressman Smith also serves as the Democratic leader of the House Armed Services Committee, where he is a strong advocate for our military members and their families.

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Scheduled Appearances

Ukraine, China and the Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

Crosscut Festival 2023
Wed May 3, 2023 | 11:00am

Congressman Smith has said the war in Ukraine is a "defining moment" for the world. The U.S.'s relationship with NATO has been reaffirmed. Meanwhile, tensions have risen over China's plans for Taiwan, which the U.S. has vowed to defend. We speak to Rep. Smith about managing our economic reliance on a competing nation while keeping global order intact.


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Connie Anthony
Featuring: Adam Smith, Connie Anthony

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