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Gary Kilbourn

Sr. Vice President–Wealth Management, UBS


Gary is a Senior Vice President - Investments, and Portfolio Manager at UBS. Gary is a member of the Arbor Group team, has been in the investment and wealth management business for 31 years, and is in his twelfth year with UBS. In addition to his professional work, providing customized wealth management solutions for his clients at UBS, Gary is dedicated to multiple philanthropic efforts, focusing on animal welfare, wildlife, the environment, and sustainability. In Gary's personal life, he enjoys actively rock-climbing, and skiing, the film industry, and organizing philanthropic/conservation efforts in the wilds of Africa.

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Environment & Outdoors

The Intersection of Money Management and Philanthropy

Crosscut Festival 2022
Sat May 7, 2022 | 12:00pm

A special co-curated session in partnership with UBS Financial. WATCH NOW 

Jonathan Moore
Jack O'Connor
John S. Adams
Featuring: Brian M. Westbrook Westbrook, Gary Kilbourn, Michael Frantz, Jonathan Moore, Jack O’Connor, John S. Adams

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