It’s election season in Washington again. What’s on your mind?

With the August primary less than three months away, we’re relaunching our elections newsletter — and we want you to help shape our coverage.

A woman stands in front of a ballot box outside of Seattle Central Community College

A voter drops off their ballot in Capitol Hill on August 3, 2020. (Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut)

Warning: The next sentence may make you a little queasy if you still have an election hangover from November 2020. Election 2021 has begun. 

Crosscut’s news and opinion teams have done our best to remain calm and relatively quiet with our election coverage so far, but with the Aug. 3 primary less than three months away, that is about to change.

Candidates in Washington state must register their intent to run for office by Friday, May 21, if they want to appear on the ballot. Many have already announced their plans. We’ve written a few stories about major, interesting and unexpected announcements, but Crosscut’s mission for its election coverage is to focus on the issues, not just the candidates. A good example of this was David Kroman’s April scene-setter about the different ways mayoral candidates see the idea of defunding the police

Voters already decided in April to approve bonds to build new schools in Edmonds and a levy to pay for education programs in Lakewood. 

The field of candidates who want to be the next Seattle mayor is crowded with a variety of progressives, whose nuanced opinions on the issues of 2021 will make voting a complicated proposition for many Seattleites. 

Crosscut wants to help, but we need an assist from you. Please take this survey here (or by filling it out at the bottom of this page) and tell us the issues that will help you vote in the Aug. 3 and Nov. 2 elections. A couple of our questions: What are the things you need to know about candidates for Seattle mayor, for example, that will help you decide how to vote? And if you don’t live in Seattle, what are the races you are watching carefully that you think other Crosscut readers will want to learn about?

Beginning on Wednesday, May 26, we will launch the 2021 Crosscut Elections newsletter, which will include extra information and ideas for our most politically curious readers. If you’re not already on the mailing list from the past two election seasons, you can sign up for the newsletter here

We plan to talk a lot more with you about these ideas. Creating a “citizens agenda” is not something we invented, but it is an approach to election coverage we’ve been emulating for a while. This year, we’re embracing the idea a little tighter by actively requesting your help. You will hear more as the year goes on. 

In the meantime, we’ll see you in your inbox with our first Crosscut Elections newsletter on the 26th.

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