Carbon fee not looking good, groups vow to keep fighting

Although initial results were met with loud applause, the energy here at Arctic Club Hotel quickly dwindled as more Washington counties reported their vote counts. Most show a majority of voters against the carbon fee initiative. At 15 minutes before 9 o'clock, with support for the fee lagging by about 10 percent, prospects for the initiative don’t look good.

Regardless, supporters of the initiative expressed interest in continuing the work of the coalition that formed behind the carbon fee, known as the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy. Jill Mangaliman, executive director of the environmental justice organization Got Green, said that it’s the first time that they’ve seen a such a wide diversity of groups come together behind a carbon-cutting issue.

“No matter what the results are, we will keep fighting,” Mangaliman said, adding that the groups involved are fighting “not just for our lives but each other’s communities.”