Black Arts Legacies

Black arts legacies coming soon

The contributions of Black artists to the cultural landscape of the Seattle area are longstanding, vital and ongoing.

The works of these artists – in letters, music, visual arts and performance – are also worthy of recognition and examination, which is why Crosscut is launching Black Arts Legacies.

An evolving multimedia archive, Black Arts Legacies aims to educate and engage with the public, increasing awareness of the vital role Black artists have played and continue to play in the Northwest cultural landscape, and thereby increasing support for Black artists and organizations.

Through written profiles, original photography, video documentaries and podcasts, Black journalists from throughout the region will showcase the Black arts ecosystem, across time and genres, and within the larger context of cultural movements in the region.

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Get more Black Arts Legacies

This newsletter features a new artist each week, along with additional stories, exclusive content and responses to reader questions.

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Celebrate with us.


Black Arts Legacies Celebration event

Join Crosscut on June 16 for a celebratory social event featuring several of the artists recognized as a part of Crosscut's Black Arts Legacies project. 

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Black Arts Legacies is made possible by a grant from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

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