Podcast | CNN journalists on covering the Israel-Hamas war

Tug of War host David Rind and international correspondent Nada Bashir dig into how this conflict has changed the Middle East and the world.

David Rind and Nada Bashir on stage at the Cascade PBS Ideas Festival

David Rind and Nada Bashir discuss the war in Gaza on stage at the Cascade PBS Ideas Festival on May 4, 2024. (Christopher Nelson for Cascade PBS)

Since the Hamas attacks of October 7 and the outbreak of the war in Gaza, CNN’s Tug of War podcast has brought listeners into the heart of the conflict.  

As part of the Cascade PBS Ideas Festival in early May, host David Rind and CNN international correspondent Nada Bashir got on stage for a live taping of Tug of War. They discussed Bashir’s reporting in the region – and the unique challenges of covering an unfolding war with decades of context. 

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In this episode of the Cascade PBS Ideas Festival podcast, Rind and Bashir explore the horrors taking place in Gaza and the many impacts the war is having on the rest of the region and the world. They discuss the international media’s heavy reliance on Palestinian journalists, as few other reporters have access to Gaza; what many media outlets get wrong and the impact of bias on all sides; and what Bashir will take with her as she continues her work.  

This conversation was recorded on May 4, 2024.  

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