Podcast | Coronavirus is deadly for small businesses, too

The pandemic has shuttered restaurants and shops, many permanently. What will replace them?

The inside of Husky Deli

Seats normally used by patrons of Husky Deli are wrapped in caution tape to discourage congregating and to promote social distancing, May 8, 2020. (Matt M. McKnight/Crosscut)

Running a small businesses is already rife with difficulties. But since the coronavirus pandemic arrived and governments placed restrictions on gatherings and commerce to help stave off an influx of infections, survival has become impossible for some. Even as the state begins easing the restrictions, the path back to solvency for those that have survived is harrowing, and the threat of a second wave of infections looms. Host Sara Bernard speaks with Crosscut changing region reporter Manola Secaira about the difficulties small businesses have faced and the prospect of a future filled with a lot more corporate consolidation and a lot less character.


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