Podcast | What does ‘public safety’ mean to Seattle?

Panelists discuss what safety means to different people and how city law enforcement might navigate short-term solutions and systemic reforms.

Seattle Chief of Police Adrian Diaz on stage with host Mónica Guzmán

Seattle Chief of Police Adrian Diaz talks with host Monica Guzman during Civic Cocktail, hosted by Seattle City Club and Crosscut at Town Hall Seattle, May 19, 2022 in Seattle, Washington. (Lindsey Wasson for Crosscut)

What does it mean to be safe in Seattle, to be shielded from danger or threat so you can live your life fully, without fear, no matter where or who you are?

It's a big question, as Seattle wrestles with rising crime, an overwhelmed police department, a strained legal system and neighbors fed up and frustrated by everything from distrust around racial disparities to what feels like inaction, bordering on neglect. All with this nagging sense that, after the reckonings of the past few years, we're still not seeing the bigger picture.  

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For this episode of Civic Cocktail, host Mónica Guzmán explores how we define and address public safety over the course of two conversations with four guests close to the issue. 

The show begins with three local leaders whose community advocacy gives them each a critical lens on what public safety is all about. Then, Guzmán sits down with the man in charge of the most powerful local institution officially charged with supporting safety in our city, Seattle Police interim Chief Adrian Diaz.


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