Podcast | How Doug Baldwin Jr. and Macklemore use their fame to make social change

The Super Bowl champion and the Grammy-winning rapper talk with activist DeRay Mckesson about working within a flawed system and working to fix it.

Macklemore and Doug Baldwin Jr.

Macklemore talks about the systems that have helped him succeed and the need for them to change. (Photo by Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)

Some activists need to use loudspeakers, but others are fortunate enough to already have the world’s attention. Colin Kaepernick, for example, showed how a single act — and the commitment to repeat it — can both inspire and agitate on a national scale. But how does one turn fame into societal change? In this episode of the Crosscut Talks podcast, prominent social justice activist and author DeRay Mckesson leads a conversation with hip-hop artist Macklemore and former Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin Jr. about how the two socially active figures choose a cause and make positive change. Note: This episode contains adult language. A bleeped version is available below.

This conversation was recorded on May 4, 2019 at Seattle University as part of the Crosscut Festival.


Doug Baldwin Jr.
"I hate that question." Doug Baldwin Jr. reluctantly talks about the role his fame plays in his activism. (Photo by Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)


The crowd
The crowd at Seattle University's Redhawk Center applauds the speakers. (Photo by Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)


Macklemore’s shoes
Macklemore dons Cons for the conversation. (Photo by Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)


DeRay Mckesson
Activist, educator and moderator DeRay Mckesson listens between questions. (Photo by Sarah Hoffman/Crosscut)

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