Podcast | What animals can tell us about humanity

Science journalist Michelle Nijhuis and philosopher Peter Singer discuss the complex relationship between people and the other creatures they rely on.

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Peter Singer and Michelle Nijhuis

Peter Singer and Michelle Nijhuis. (Courtesy photos)

Human beings may often view themselves as apart from animals. But even in the most urban existence, creatures big and small loom large in the day-to-day existence of just about everybody. Animals are sustenance, nuisance and company.

The relationships between people and the animals they rely on are often taken for granted, even though these relationships are embedded with deeply consequential questions. 

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What right do human beings have to interrupt or manipulate the lives of other beings? What is that interruption doing to them? And what is it doing to humanity?

For this episode of the Crosscut Talks podcast, we invited science journalist Michele Nijhuis and philosopher Peter Singer to answer these questions and to explain the history of humanity’s tangled relationship with the animal kingdom.


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