Podcast | A WA couple’s struggle to stay housed around Puget Sound

After being forced to move from Seattle and, this year, Snohomish, Sandra Mears and her partner are still searching for a place to call home as renters.

Sandra Mears and Maryann Griffin stand in a hallway lined with storage units

Sandra Mears and Maryann Griffin take a load of belongings to their storage unit, May 29, 2024. After downsizing to their new temporary rental, the couple has had to keep much of their furniture and other items in storage. (Genna Martin/Cascade PBS)

Sandra Mears rented in Seattle for years – until she and her partner had to leave their home because it was getting torn down. 

They moved to a spot in Snohomish, where they could go to the farmers market, walk to restaurants and feel a sense of community.  

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They lived there for years, but in January they learned that their house was being sold and they had to leave within 90 days. Suddenly they found themselves scrambling to find a new place – again. 

In this episode of Northwest Reports, host Maleeha Syed speaks with Mears about what it was like to get pushed out of her home once more; the ongoing struggle to find affordable housing in the region; and the toll this most recent move took on her and her partner.  


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