Podcast | How building maintenance affects veteran care in Seattle

Lizz Giordano and Lauren Gallup discuss their reporting on Puget Sound Veterans Affairs clinic complaints. Plus, what’s changing with Northwest Reports.

Cortez Hopkins and Doug Galuszka standing with their hands in their pockets

Cortez Hopkins and Doug Galuszka, who reported deteriorating conditions at a building on the Veterans Affairs campus in Seattle, allege they faced whistleblower retaliation in response to their complaints. (Caroline Walker Evans for Cascade PBS) 

Patients and staff have navigated a myriad of concerning conditions in a building on the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System campus in South Seattle.    

Earlier this month, Northwest Public Broadcasting reporter Lauren Gallup and Cascade PBS reporter Lizz Giordano published their joint investigation into the conditions in Building 18, from leaky ceilings to inadequate ventilation during the pandemic.  

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In this episode of Northwest Reports, host Maleeha Syed speaks with Gallup and Giordano about their investigation, including how they learned about the story; why they chose to showcase their investigation in different mediums; and their plans for future reporting on this topic.  

Also, we have an update about Northwest Reports: This will be the final episode that we publish on a weekly schedule, because we’re going to start releasing limited series several times a year – with our first one coming out this fall. So keep following us wherever you get your podcasts and be on the lookout for that upcoming series! 

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