Your Last Meal | Dan Pashman on his cookbook “Anything’s Pastable”

The host of the award-winning podcast The Sporkful invented a new pasta shape in 2021, now he’s challenging home cooks to step up their sauce game.

Dan Pashman eating pasta

When Dan Pashman invented cascatelli, it was released into the world with great fanfare -- Time magazine declared the pasta one of 2021’s best inventions, and it was covered everywhere from The New York Times to Access Hollywood.

Home cooks tagged Dan on Instagram, eager to show off their cascatelli creations, which is when he realized: Everyone was pairing their pasta with the same three sauces!  

Eager to move beyond marinara and mac & cheese, Dan just released his first cookbook, Anything’s Pastable: 81 Inventive Pasta Recipes for Saucy People. 

On his recent book tour, Dan popped by host Rachel Belle’s Seattle home studio to talk about the cookbook’s innovative, international recipes; the best place in the house to eat when you don’t want to share food with your children; and why he has beef with spaghetti. 

Then Rachel blindfolded Dan and fed him pasta to see how many shapes he could identify by mouthfeel alone! 

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Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle is the host of The Nosh and host and creator of Your Last Meal, a James Beard Award finalist for Best Podcast. She is also an editor-at-large at Cascade PBS.