Your Last Meal | 30 years of G. Love & Special Sauce

After three decades, the “Milk & Cereal” and “Cold Beverage” singer has perfected his snack requests to ensure he’ll always eat luxuriously on tour.

G Love playing the harminica

It has been 30 years (!) since G. Love & Special Sauce put out their first album, and in that time G. Love has written a whole lotta food and drink lyrics.

He tells host Rachel Belle the origin stories behind songs likeMilk & Cereal,” “Cold Beverage” and his album Lemonade.

Lemonade has special meaning for G. Love, so Rachel chats with Gastro Obscura editor Anne Ewbank about the history of the sweet, puckery drink, the different ways it’s prepared around the world and why American children have taken on the responsibility of selling it!

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Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle is the host of The Nosh and host and creator of Your Last Meal, a James Beard Award finalist for Best Podcast. She is also an editor-at-large at Cascade PBS.