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Lauren Weedman wants to love food again.

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Lauren Weedman wants to love food again.

The comedic actor, a former The Daily Show Correspondent and current The Moth host, with roles on Curb Your Enthusiasm and HBO's Looking, has a complicated relationship with food. She wants to make eating a more soulful experience, starting with her last meal; a food she never lets herself enjoy. And yes, we used phrases like "complicated relationship with food" and "soulful experience," but rest assured: Lauren is one of the funniest guests to grace Your Last Meal; chortles ahead.

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Lauren's love of pad Thai takes us to Little Uncle, one of Seattle's best Thai restaurants. Chef/owners Poncharee Kounpungchart and Wiley Frank painstakingly squeeze tamarind pods to make the sauce for their pad Thai and they tell Rachel why they refuse to put chicken in the dish, no matter how nice a customer asks. 

Lauren Weedman was raised by a ballerina who was always watching her weight, so Rachel interviewed Kari Brunson, a former professional ballet dancer who retired from dance to explore her love of cooking. Today Kari co-owns Seattle's Juicebox Cafe and one of Rachel's favorite ice cream shops, Frankie & Jo's.

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