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A Matter of Degrees

After the first 100 days of the Biden presidency, our hosts evaluate how far the administration has come and where it appears to be going, specifically around the issue of climate change.

The Purpose of Power with Alicia Garza

When Alicia Garza wrote a love letter to Black people on Facebook she launched the now-famous hashtag #blacklivesmatter. But she wants us to understand, a hashtag is not a movement. Organizing for change comes from the grassroots, and is the key to a better future. 

How the South Won the Civil War with Dr. Heather Cox Richardson

While the North prevailed in the Civil War, ending slavery and giving the country a "new birth of freedom," Heather Cox Richardson argues in her new book, How the South Won the Civil War, that democracy's blood-soaked victory was ephemeral. The system, which had sustained the defeated South, continued, and inequality and subordination was woven into the nation's fabric and identity.

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