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Hidden Barriers: WA health care often lacks language services for immigrant patients

WA health care often lacks language services for immigrant patients

Washington mandates language-access services for patients who speak limited English, but lack of oversight means many fall through the cracks. A growing immigrant population means that these services are more crucial than ever.

Confronting racial bias in health care

Unchecked stereotypes can influence medical treatment, leading to dangerous consequences for Black patients. Crosscut dives into some of the stereotypes that lead, among other things, to poorer reproductive health outcomes among Black women. Black and Indigenous women statistically face poorer outcomes with reproductive health care and die in childbirth at higher rates than other groups. Advocates say that, especially in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, more attention needs to be paid to the treatment of patients of color. Crosscut investigates how professionals, advocates and providers are trying to reduce deadly consequences.


The persistent disparities in accessing WA health care

When the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion went into effect in 2014, it dramatically increased the number of insured Washingtonians. Yet low-income folks, especially people of color and immigrants, continue to struggle more than white Americans in accessing health care. Crosscut examines the barriers to access and how local community groups are working to overcome them.