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Mossback's Northwest: The Ancient Bison Hunters of the San Juans

The Ancient Bison Hunters of the San Juans

The discovery of 14,000-year-old bones on Orcas Island means humans were BBQing a lot earlier than previously thought.

America After 9/11

A discussion of the legacy of 9/11: why the terrorist attacks pulled the United States apart instead of bringing the country together, if the War on Terror is over or just taking a different shape and what we’re fighting for post-9/11 and why we haven’t yet won.

Bigger than a coffee shop, Part 2

Mikayla Weary has been community organizing since the sixth grade. Now a 17-year-old Mikayla Weary is the president of Black Coffee NW. Darnesha Weary, owner of the shop,  intentionally gave her daughter a title of power so she can walk into a space and be a stakeholder of Black Coffee. Mikayla Weary says working in the position has opened her eyes to how power structures play out in the corporate workspace. “I've learned in America titles mean everything and Black people usually don't get the big titles, but they do the work,” Mikayla Weary said. They hope by hiring more youth they can provide more opportunities to diversify the coffee industry.

Your Last Meal

Rachel Belle, host of the Your Last Meal podcast, digs into the history, science and culture of dishes with culinary anthropologists, fishmongers, cooks, astronauts — anyone who can help uncover the mysteries behind the foods we eat every day.