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Mossback's Northwest: The Ancient Bison Hunters of the San Juans

The Ancient Bison Hunters of the San Juans

The discovery of 14,000-year-old bones on Orcas Island means humans were BBQing a lot earlier than previously thought.

Toward energy independence

Rural and tribal communities across the nation have been looking to renewable energy sources to achieve energy sovereignty. Here in Washington, the Lummi Nation has long held a goal of becoming self-sufficient in energy production. Now, a program at Northwest Indian College is training students in solar and wind energy production, with the aim of creating a microgrid so both campus and reservation can be energy independent.

What's in a name?

Much of our natural landscape still bears evidence of colonization in the names. Some of our most beloved places, such as Mount Rainier, serve as reminders of injustices committed against Indigenous communities. While fixing history goes beyond giving these spaces new titles, acknowledging Native languages and names is an important first step.

¿Qué tiene un nombre?

Muchos paisajes naturales todavía llevan las marcas de la colonización en sus nombres. Algunos de nuestros sitios más apreciados, como el monte Rainier, recuerdan las injusticias cometidas contra las comunidades indígenas. Corregir la historia requiere más que darles nuevos nombres a estos lugares, pero reconocer las lenguas y los nombres indígenas es un importante primer paso.