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Mossback's Northwest: The “Bird Woman” and an ode to ornithology

The “Bird Woman” and an ode to ornithology

A century ago, Seattle's first female principal, Adelaide Lowry Pollock, spread the gospel of birds and good citizenship to a generation of schoolkids.

Award-Winning Series

Spinning an expansive soundtrack

For the past 35 years, Riz Rollins has been taking listeners on musical journeys across time and genres as a DJ at Seattle’s KEXP. Rollins’ own journey to becoming one of the city’s most beloved musical curators — on the air and in the clubs — wasn’t always certain, but opportunity led him to become a champion of the Black and LGBTQ+ communities and a driving force behind KEXP’s mission.

A dance with deep heritage

Cipher Goings discovered tap at a young age and has since become not only a standout performer but also a teacher at Northwest Tap Connection in Seattle’s Rainier Beach — the very studio where he got his start. As part of the growing renaissance of tap, a tradition with deep roots in the Black community, Goings is figuring out where he fits in that lineage and discovering his value along the way.