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Mossback's Northwest

Host Knute Berger mines the Pacific Northwest's historical and cultural nuggets. Learn hidden backstories behind the region's most interesting treasures and discover why they're still relevant today.

Mossback's Northwest Annual Special: Embrace the Wet

Nothing helps define the coastal Pacific Northwest more than the wet. From rainforests to the Salish Sea, from the Pacific Ocean to Puget Sound, we are wet all year-round, one way or another. You can complain about the rain, the damp, the squish, but we’re lucky to have it, and we thrive on it. Far better than wildfires and drought! Water still shapes our lives and lifestyles. It shapes our history and culture. It defines us. And it makes some of the best stories too. That’s the subject of this year’s Mossback’s Northwest annual special: “Embrace the Wet.” Here are stories we’ve done that center around our history and our waters, from age-old shipwrecks to sea serpents, from the food we eat to the cultural connections we make.