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Our Shared Table: Bigger than a coffee shop, Part 2

Bigger than a coffee shop, Part 2

Mikayla Weary has been community organizing since the sixth grade. Now a 17-year-old Mikayla Weary is the president of Black Coffee NW. Darnesha Weary, owner of the shop,  intentionally gave her daughter a title of power so she can walk into a space and be a stakeholder of Black Coffee. Mikayla Weary says working in the position has opened her eyes to how power structures play out in the corporate workspace. “I've learned in America titles mean everything and Black people usually don't get the big titles, but they do the work,” Mikayla Weary said. They hope by hiring more youth they can provide more opportunities to diversify the coffee industry.

Decolonizing your plate

Colonization and assimilation took away customs and traditional foods from native communities. Now, local chefs, educators and nutritionists are bringing back indigenous knowledge of food systems. Growing and serving traditional, locally sourced foods helps people reconnect to the land and to their history, in the process making choices better for both the environment and their health.