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    Knute "Skip" Berger is Mossback. In addition to writing for Crosscut, he is editor-at-large and columnist for Seattle magazine and a regular guest of Weekday with Steve Scher on NPR affiliate KUOW-FM (94.9). In 2011, he was named Writer-in-Residence at the Space Needle and is author of Space Needle, The Spirit of Seattle (2012), the official 50th anniversary history of the tower. He won the Washington State Historic Preservation Officer's Annual Media Award for his coverage of heritage issues for Crosscut in 2008. He is the author of Pugetopolis: A Mossback takes on Growth Addicts, Weather Wimps and the Myth of Seattle Nice (2009). A Seattle native, Berger has long been a writer and editor for local magazines and newspapers. He was editor-in-chief of Seattle Weekly, founding editor and publisher of Eastsideweek, and editor of Washington and Adventure Travel magazines. He worked for the Hope Heart Institute and the Washington State Centennial Commission. He lives in Seattle.

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