Growing up Muslim in the Northwest

Produced by Katy Sewall
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Amina Al-Sadi (left) with her sisters Aliya (middle) and Batoul (right) at Aliya's high school graduation.

Produced by Katy Sewall

For Amina Al-Sadi, America is the only home she’s ever known. As a half-Iraqi, 25-year-old woman, she is dedicated to her Islamic faith, but reminded constantly how many people see it as somehow un-American. Her headscarf causes others to treat her as an outsider, but to take it off would feel like defeat. In Part Two of this series, Al-Sadi discusses her experiences as a Muslim growing up in Puget Sound, and how the season of Ramadan connects her to the Islamic community, even as it brings conflicted feelings to the surface.


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Growing up Muslim in the Northwest