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Advertising on Crosscut positions your organization in front of hundreds of thousands of engaged, civic-minded readers who care about and influence the Northwest region. With 300,000 page views each month, advertising on Crosscut introduces your company to a loyal, affluent, influential and highly educated group of readers.

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Crosscut Advertising Standards and Glossary

This glossary of advertising terms contains definitions for the various types of advertising found on Crosscut’s website:

Underwriting: An underwriter is an organization or individual who provides financial support for the production of editorial content without  having any oversight of that content, including any kind of approval before or after publication. Articles are held to strict journalistic standards, but are funded by entities interested in being associated with or expanding attention to a particular topic.

Sponsored content: Content supplied by an organization or produced by the Crosscut’s own sponsorship department for a fee. As a result, while it may be written in the style of the publication, it is not impartial journalism. Sponsored content will always be clearly labeled as such.

Advertising: Messaging supplied by an organization or individual that has paid the organization for placement on the Crosscut website or adjacent to audio or video content.

Crosscut’s Advertising Standards

Crosscut maintains a clear separation between news and editorial content and its advertisements. Additionally, Crosscut will label all digital advertisements with the word “advertisement.” Crosscut retains the right to decline any advertisement offered to us. We try not to decline advertisements, however, unless we feel that there is a compelling reason for us to do so. In general, advertisements in the following categories are unacceptable:

  • Ads that are misleading, inaccurate or fraudulent.
  • Ads that include inference, mistruths or unverified statements
  • Ads that advance baseless claims and/or conspiracies
  • Ads that include Illegal materials or content.

·     Inappropriate content, e.g. language, violence, sexual or ad hominem attacks; including ads that link to violent, disturbing or sexually explicit content.

  • Ads that promote or are funded by the use or sale of substances, services or products that are illicit, unregulated or cause immediate bodily harm;

·     Ads that may be gratuitously offensive on religious, racial or ethnic grounds

·     Advertisements without the advertiser’s name, also known as blind ads

·     Advertisements linking to or promoting faux blog sites

·     Advertisements that discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, sex, age, etc.


Crosscut reserves the right to review ads to ensure our standards are consistently met and applied.

Crosscut retains the right to decline an advertisement offered to us if it violates our principles or if we determine that there is a separate reason for us to do so.