Submitting commentary to Crosscut

Crosscut values a diversity of voices and opinions about a broad range of topics. If you hold a strong opinion about something and believe our readers will find you worth reading, get in touch. In many cases, we pay for accepted submissions. In all cases, we edit pieces to meet Crosscut's high standards of accuracy and craft.

The ideal piece is between 800 and 1200 words, but we are willing to publish longer pieces that are well-written, rigorously researched, and deeply focused on local issues. We value commentary that reacts to the news in a prompt, thoughtful and analytical way. Have something to say about a national story? Great, we want to see it, but make sure to focus on the local or regional impact.

Not a professional writer? That’s okay. Our editors will help with that. But try to maintain a voice that’s unique. Don’t shy away from humor if that’s your thing. Fire in the belly? Get it on the page. Avoid jargon. Be specific. And importantly: for fact checking purposes, please keep close tabs on your research sources (hyperlink them in the text where necessary).

Please note that we receive a high volume of submissions every day and are not available to respond to each one. The most sure-fire way to have your writing considered is to submit a two to four sentence pitch outlining what you have written about or would like to write about. If your piece is timely or tied to a specific time peg, please say so in your pitch. If we decide to work with you on your Op-Ed or essay, you will hear from us within a week. After a week, it is safe to assume we are unable to use your piece.  

We look forward to hearing from you! Write to us here: