Podcast | Creating BIPOC leaders of outdoor adventuring

Bronze Chapter founder Denice Rochelle has thrived in the outdoors all her life. She wants other people of color in the PNW to feel the same way.

Woman in a kayak

The Bronze Chapter's Denice Rochelle on a kayaking adventure. (Sarah Hall)

Denice Rochelle doesn't just want to see more people like herself adventuring outdoors. She wants to see more people like herself leading those adventures.

When she created The Bronze Chapter, Rochelle wanted the nonprofit to create opportunities where people of color could come together and explore new spaces and new challenges. It did that and more. 

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For this episode of the Out & Back podcast, host Alison Mariella Désir talks with Rochelle about the solo adventure that gave rise to her organization and how it has grown to host clinics and certification courses that help people of color become leaders in the outdoors. 

Rochelle shares her hope that through her efforts, more BIPOC will become stewards of the land who are deeply invested in addressing issues of environmental justice and climate change.

Before listening, we suggest you watch the episode about Denice Rochelle here.


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