Your Last Meal | Comedian Heather McMahan says side dishes = best dishes

McMahan’s hometown of Atlanta is also home to Buford Highway, one of the country’s most diverse, under-the-radar dining destinations.

Comedian Heather McMahan

After years of living in New York City and Los Angeles, the pandemic brought comedian Heather McMahan back to her hometown of Atlanta, where she’s living in her childhood home with her husband and ... her mother! If it sounds like a sitcom, well, she’s working on that script right now.

Atlanta is home to Buford Highway, an off-the-beaten-path culinary wonderland featuring 100 immigrant-owned restaurants, representing more than 20 countries.

Atlanta-based Food & Wine senior writer Jennifer Zyman joins the show to share the history and highlights of Buford Highway, like Plaza Fiesta, a huge Mexican marketplace where you can taste the latest Mexican TikTok trends.

And Heather and I chat about her huge, elaborate, Italian wedding cake and the tradition of assembling it in front of guests at the reception.

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