Your Last Meal | Amanda Knox’s last meal would be ... Italian food

The Seattleite spent four years in an Italian prison falsely accused of murder. In a live podcast recording, she talks about the food inside.

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox joined host Rachel Belle on stage in Seattle for a live podcast recording where she was invited to share her experience, in her own words, after years of being misrepresented and mocked by the international press.  

Amanda talks about what prison food was like; why she chose Italian food for her last meal despite her traumatic experience in the country; and how foraging for mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest helped with her recovery. And so much more!  

Amanda is incredibly thoughtful, smart and funny – it’s truly a fantastic conversation! 

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About the Hosts

Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle is the host and creator of Your Last Meal, a James Beard Award finalist for Best Podcast, and editor-at-large at Crosscut and KCTS 9.