Your Last Meal | Tom Papa baked sourdough bread before you did

The comedian’s breadmaking obsession predates the pandemic craze. And, Rachel Belle chats with a Seattle baker who uses a 150-year-old starter.

Comedian Tom Papa

(Courtesy photo)

Tom Papa is a bread nerd.

He loves to talk about sourdough, read about sourdough and, of course, bake and eat sourdough. So host Rachel Belle chats with the owner of a Seattle bakery that uses a sourdough starter that’s more than 150 years old.

Pasta with butter and Parmesan may be the meal of choice for picky American children, but in Italy the simple, comforting dish has an entirely different context. Rachel calls Katie Parla, a Rome-based food and beverage writer and cookbook author, to learn more, and in the process learns the history of fettuccine Alfredo.

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Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle

Rachel Belle is the host and creator of Your Last Meal, a James Beard Award finalist for Best Podcast, and editor-at-large at Crosscut and KCTS 9.